Thursday, 30 July 2009


I gotta apologise guys, The Standard should've been here by now, but because of waiting on artists to get their freestyles and tracks in took longer than expected, so by the time I got everything I needed, I had to hit the road for my summer gigs.
The Standard will be with you ASAP and it will be worth the wait.

until then, grab this little 30 min mix I made earlier.

30 min mix HERE


Put Ya Weight On It
cd that I did for one of my MANY tours of Australia yeeeeeears ago.

get it HERE

Monday, 13 July 2009


While away on my hiatus, I actually got to listen to a lot of music.
There's a lot of good music out there, also a lot of bollocks...
So i decided to put together The Standard.
No bells, no whistles, just good Hip Hop music put together well.

Big up Mystro for coming thru and doing his thing covering Drake's 'Best I Ever Had' with another hilarious tale about one of those 'waste-chicks'

Mystro: Mess I Ever Had
get it HERE

The Standard available for free download 10am 20/07/09.


Get show 16 HERE!!


Apologies to the readers of this blog.
been away handling family duties and all types of real life shit.
Shout out to wifey who blessed us with a baby daughter a couple weeks ago, so i basically had 2 + months off to get ready for a major adjustment to our lives.

But now I'm back at it.
soon come...