Friday, 28 November 2008


Honestly, I'm a fan, BUT people were going a bit overboard with the hype saying he's the next Dilla? (maybe in 15 MORE years in MY opinion) which kinda turned me off, I know he's worked with Slum as a part of B.R. Gunna and a whole host of Detroit legends.
He got ill beats and he can rhyme, but when people hype so much, it takes away from that artists product for me anyway.
After Sound Of The City, Broken Wax, Popular Demand, Dirty District, Caltroit, Fat Ray's album, Music From the Colour Purple (you should really check that out) and various other projects he's behind, I'm fully on board with this artist.

Still ain't Dilla tho...which I know he ain't tryna be...dope artist nonetheless.

From the new Tronic album which is out now...peep the vid.

Black Milk "Give The Drummer Sum" from FWMJ on Vimeo.

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DJ Cable said...

"Dirty District" = Classic shit.