Monday, 16 March 2009


Apparently, this lil gem was found on Twitter, which seems to have bodied Facebook and Myspace...does anybody even check their pages???
Anyway, One of my DJ heroes, none other than the Philly legend Jazzy Jeff, mixed this so I don't need to tell you shit about how dope it is...JUST KNOW!!!

Jacked from MK at shank point blud!!!!!!

Get it HERE

Liking the new approach to the tracklisting....

Biggie - Gimme the Doe
Wu Tang - Loot
Jay - Z - Moment of Clearness
Nas - Uno Amore
Pharcyde - Passin by Me
Biggie - Hip No Ties
Jay - Z - Allow me Too…
Nas - It Ain’t Hard
Juice Crew - Da Orchestra
Jay - Z - Dirty Shoulders
Biggie - Kick the Door In
Audio Two - Bill the Top
Nas - Made u Peek
Black Moon - Dollatown
Jay - Z - Hustle Knockin

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