Thursday, 16 October 2008

Chris Fountain's Birthday

A couple of months ago I was asked to spin at Chris Fountain's birthday party in Leeds.
If you're a fan of the Hollyoaks show, you'll know who I mean.
I was thinking, keep it commercial etc, just make sure everyone was covered.
But then I got requests from the birthday boy for some Grime, Bashment and Hip Hop.
He even asked me to do my Benga blend which I was shocked about...dude knows his onions.
So I got busy, Chris and his peeps were rocking the 'Willie Bounce' and the 'Dutty Wine' (even though I don't think guys should be doing that all!!!) so I kept the heat going up until I handed over to my boys, D.J. Luck & M.C. Neat.
I wish I could've stayed and enjoyed the party, but I had to get back to my house, shit, shower and shave and be at Heathrow for 6am for my flight to N.Y.C. (more about that in a post coming to you soon)

Shout out to Colin Francis, Luck and Neat, Cheema and Jazzy J who spun on the night also.

Not forgetting Mrs Fountain and of course the Birthday people.

The Birthday boy aka Justin Burton

Hannah Tointon aka Katy Fox

Not sure who dude is on the left...Gemma Merna, Kevin Adams & Nick Pickard

D.J. Luck

Nick Pickard

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