Thursday, 16 October 2008


Just got back in from an evening at Wembley Arena where the 13th annual M.O.B.O. Awards were held.

After getting my hair cut, which actually took longer than anticipated...shout to Lawrence, we ended up talking about industry politics, dj's music, life etc....I got home, showered, changed kissed my son goodnight and I was off, to sit in traffic for 2.5 hours all the way to Wembley.

I got to the venue, usual madness, 1000's of people dressed up to the nines in the latest and skimpiest (ladies, I appreciate all of that) garments.

After finally locating the car park and the young lady who had my V.I.P. ticket, I bypassed all the people who were outside, either waiting to collect their tickets, tryna blag someone else's tickets or 'tryin a ting' at the door.

Once in, I was informed before I even got to my seat, that the winners of the categories were not in fact me.

So I do the rounds of the people I know and like from my industry, (there's not that many, TRUST ME) namely other dj's and a few others with whom I have utmost respect for.
Anyway, a few dj's are giving me the shrug their shoulders 'like bwoy' look as if they heard the worst news ever. LOL

Because there is a industry and dj grapevine that informs everyone what is going on before time, so if they know, I'm thinking the winners must've known too.

The hosts for this evening were the legend that is Rev Run and ex Spice Girl, Mel B who showed the neccessary amount of leg-age. They did a good job in my opinion.

John Legend opens the show with his hit Green Light.

The 1st category, Best U.K. Female went to our girl Estelle which the whole crowd was ecstatic about....

2nd category was Best Album and Leona Lewis took that one, the crowd goes wild....until they find out she's not actually there....then they set the tone for the evening, by booing their hardest.

Taio Cruz takes the stage with 'Like A Star' and does his thing and is quickly joined by the Sugababes showing NUFF leg-age.

Best Newcomer Chipmunk took that one easily as he made A LOT of noise last year and this year.
He beat Skepta, but Skepta is not really a newcomer, mainstream are just finding out who he is though...

Best Reggae act: Hands down, Mr 'Gangsta For Life' Mavado had the place going nuts...til they found out he wasn't there, so the boos started again, obviouslythey were'nt booing Mavado, I think they were actually booing M.O.B.O. but that was quickly quashed by 1xtra's Dancehall resident, Robbo Ranx who explained he was on the 'Gully Side' and he was thankful of his award.

After a few more awards, Estelle took the stage to killed it with American Boy and Substitute Lover.

Best Hip Hop (best Hip Hop What? artist? album? song?) went to Lil Wayne, love him or hate him, it was his year. But then he wasn't there to accept the award either, so the booing commences.
Jay Sean Tried to defend it, citing him as one of the, or the 'Best Rapper Alive' (to you maybe mate...not hating in the least! he's good, but not THAT GOOD....if it's about the record sales, then where do M.C. Hammer or Vanilla Ice fit in with that argument then? but i digress....another time...)

Best Gospel goes to Jahaziel which he was the only person I heard of in that category, so big up! NOT beacause he was the only one I've heard of, he's a good artist period.

Best Video: Leona Lewis-again, more boos. Collecting the award on her behalf was 80's pop annoyance Sinitta, who seeing that Robbo Ranx did well to silence the chaos earlier, thought she'd try to do the same, with her...'When Simon and I discovered Leona...'bullshit. BOOOOOO!!!
2 things...
1: Didn't Leona WIN X Factor? and wasn't THAT how she was discovered?? and,
2: No one cares what you have to say really, so just say 'Thank you, on behalf of Leona' or words to that effect and stop tryna beg fame from someone else's talent.
Phew, anyway....

Flo-rida took the stage and performed his hit Low.
At that time, I put a call in to KISS fm to let the listeners know what had gone on so far as Ted was flying solo tonight, while I went to Wembley.

So here comes the category I was waiting for, up until I got there anyway....

Best Club D.J. Westwood, Boooooos.
I was thinking, 'wait a minute' he's one person who's actually here...I guess the people have spoken for real.

He was pissed! I would be if that happened to me....

After Chris Brown took Best RnB and ladies lost their fucking minds, the boos ensued when they found out, you guessed it...

Estelle won again with her worldwide hit, American Boy, which took the Best Song category.

Then Craig David jumped on stage when the 'A Milli' beat drops and he does his double time rhyming thing which got the crowd going, even though it was in the fakest, most embarrassing American accent...ain't he from Southampton???
But he had The Stryderman to show him how its done, while fully reppin where he's from.

Best Male: Dizzee Rascal...he wasn't there either, so again, boooos.
The award was picked up by Semtex, who tried to talk to the people over the boos, but to no avail.

Jay Sean did his thing with his live performance.

Up next, the other category I was waiting for....Best Radio D.J.
Trevor Nelson, Trev's my dude and an all round nice guy, no one had a problem with him taking that award, whatsoever.

But, when they read Westwood's name with the other nominees, a crazy amount of boooooing.
I'm like whoa...

Estelle and John Legend do their thing on stage, there were a few more awards given out, and the evening was starting to wind down. Plus my energy was running low, I held out on lunch as I thought we were getting food on our V.I.P. table, we had wine, dried banana chips and raisins and other dried fruit.....

I didn't win, but I had fun, I really don't do this for awards anyway, sure, it's nice to be recognised, but I do this because I love the music...everything else is...meh...

Liz McClarnon

D.J. Spoony

Treble T & Sucio Smash

Noel Clarke

Treble and his BIG WATCH



Tipz said...

nice post, sorry man that u didnt win, by the sound of it the mo' boo's going down hill???? or the attitude towards them is, one of the too.

DJ Cable said...

I think it's more of the fact that there were a million and one no shows....And considering ticket prices were at least £20, 'joe public' were expecting to see their favourite celebs/artists at the event....

Anyways, how you didn't get a MOBO Shortee, is beyond belief....